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B.Sc Animation and Multimedia

B.Sc Game Designing & Development

B.Sc in Game Designing and Development is a four-year graduate programme. Are you pursuing a career as a game designer cum developer? If yes, B.Sc Game Designing & Development is the recommended course. IIFA is the best B.Sc Game Design & Development College in India that makes you well-versed with the most advanced applications. Our B.Sc Game Design & Development Syllabus contains the fundamentals of game design that aim to enable the students to develop strategies, creativity, and implementation. We have plenty of positive reviews that would give you a glimpse of how our faculties work with each student. Our B.Sc Game Design & Development Course includes advanced applications like Unity, Studio, Stencyl, Autodesk, and Blender that use 2D and 3D models. We aim to extract the artistic side of Bachelor in Game Design and Development students in video game production, movie production, script writing skills, and more. Game Design and Development is one of the most happening courses and endeavors for all the aspirants having a burning desire to establish their careers in Game Development.

B.Sc Interior Designing

Fundamentals of interior design. Designing and constructing furniture. Research and analysis of the internal environment. CAD Lightning design for interiors and exteriors.